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The debate on law drafts on 'Holodomor Denial' in Ukraine
Dimanche 04 mars 2012

This is an extract from the article published in 2010 in: Postdiktatorische Geschichtskulturen in Europa. Bestandsaufnahme und Forschungsperspektiven. Wallstein Verlag: Gottingen, 2010.

Dr., Prof., Georgiy KASIANOV, Head, Department of Contemporary History and Politics Institute of History of Ukraine, Kiev

The Holodomor (hunger plague) is a metaphorical term which covers events of 1932 - 1933 Great Famine in Ukraine. In 1990s and beginning of 2000s the term got wide public circulation and was legitimized by presidential and parliamentary decrees and then got international recognition. According to academic estimates, Ukraine lost about 3,5 - 4 millions of population in 1932 - 1933.  

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